Unique Business / Corporate Gifts Ideas For Your Clients
With the internet, literally millions of products are available just a mouse click away. The problem with selecting corporate gifts isnít with the selection (the range is huge!), the problem lies in selecting the right corporate gifts.
As different customers have different requirements in sending corporate gifts, from our past experience we have the following tips in helping you with coming up with your corporate gifts ideas.
Checking of company policies
Some companies have policies in receiving corporate gifts. The value of gifts might be limited to certain value and you might have to inform certain departments to make a declaration when you are sending gifts. Be sure to double check these.
Double check what your clients need or want
While a surprise gift might sound really nice. Sending unwanted gifts lead to wastage. You can check with your clients on what they need (or want) before buying. After all, if they use your corporate gifts for a longer period of time, you get to ìstay in touchî subtlety with them through your thoughtful gifts.
Quality Over Quantity
Many companies go for quantity over quality in sending gifts. Objectively you will not be able to strike an impression upon your important clients with cheap gifts. Ask yourself which are the corporate gifts that will leave an impression upon you if you were the recipient. You might want to send corporate gifts less frequently in a year and consolidate the budget to send something of more quality with less frequency.
Spend on packaging and design
Just as you would wrap a birthday or Christmas present when you send them to your loved ones, corporate gifts shouldnít be any different. The only difference is you probably want to hire a good designer to design your packaging (wrapper or a box) with your companyís branding on it.
Deliver them yourself Personally
Ok, sincerity matters all the time. After all the effort above in finding out your customersí wants, the right and appropriate gifts to send and the time and resources in packaging them properly ñ are you simply going to send a courier to deliver them? It is more sincere to deliver them personally! This is sincerity from beginning to the end! The overall experience by our customers will be greatly enhanced by this personal touch.